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Think before buying. Are you doing justice to your money?

Ever been so conscious about your spendings that you compromise on your likings? If you ask me, there have been several times when I drop the plan just to rebalance my pocket.Not in this blog but almost in all of my blogs I have mentioned that buying is now getting expensive. And do you know why? Because our needs are never satisfied. Those demands are endless and so money is never enough. That makes renting a crucial element to balance between likings and compromising.

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what moms should know


Daily, millions of people spend millions of money on their day to day necessities. Perhaps, which with time keeps on changing. In a rush always as we humans are, we consider buying everything that feels necessary at that particular moment. We are so instant that we fail to consider the life of the same thing that we happen to buy. And then there’s always a storeroom for such a mistake we do. Back then when renting wasn’t an option, buying was a necessary move. Fortunately, times have now changed.

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Video Games On Rent In Mumbai

Every Generation’s constant- Video Games.

Since time immemorial, a lot of inventions and concepts have come into existence. We are now being well versed to things that were once perceived, to never exist. With each generation’s contribution to the process of thoughts, with each different mindsets and perceptions blending in, we are now experiencing a world full of change. Full of wonders!

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Share instant,Share Instax! Share your mini stories with Instax Mini.

You may have heard this line a lot many times- ‘Life in Mumbai is not at all easy.’
And yes it is, because we always keep ‘busy.’
Moms are busy keeping their house and their kids. Kids are busy with their tuition and their activities and Dads of-course, are busy with their never ending office loads.

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helping in need

Do you know the real value of your stuff? Thing again!



Daily when we swipe through our social media profiles, we follow different posts, we are known to different perceptions of people, we see justice passing to few and hardness on the life of others. The reason why we connect to it so instantly is because somewhere we relate to it. Because somewhere we think it’s our story.

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Why You Must Switch to Renting After GST

Products Under GST (rate%) Existing (rate%)
Gaming Console (PS4) 12 28
White Goods 28 26
Bicycles 12 18.5
Designer Bags 28 6


The choice between buying any product or renting one is among the biggest financial decisions that many adults will make after GST. With the Parliament clearing the way for crucial GST taxes, Indian economy is all set to see the flowering of rental economy. Continue Reading

Dress up this season with cheap fancy dress on rental

Trying to find that fly high pilot costume on rent for your child or looking for a Mother Teresa costume, has everything to provide you with. It has a huge list of rental fancy dress costumes to browse from.

Dressing your child up as a pilot or as Mother Teresa is so damn easy now. provide you with the quality product at lowest possible price. It also has something that suits your child’s need of any fancy dress party or theme. have speedy service, that means even if you leave things to the last minute, your pilot costume or Mother Teresa costume and accessories can still be with you in time for your event. Your child will stand out perfect in any event with’s rental costumes.

Why to purchase when you can simply rent it and that too at affordable price. The service is available all year round to capture your imagination. So, give your child the chance to be a part of his dream fancy dress competition and meanwhile you can explore the site

The best ever online store: Rentkarde The House of Jewellery

The dress and the jewellery are the two most important things that catch everyone’s eye. Whatever jewellery you wear, it become the talk of the night for the majority of the ladies in the party. Thus, every woman give special attention while selecting their jewellery.

At you will find every design is different from the other and that is what gives you the choice for the night. Whether it is a party or a wedding, have everything for you. From beaded necklace set to oxidised necklace set, gives you the immense choice to select from.

You have so many options of choker necklace set and oxidised pendant set that you can combine it with anything for a beautiful look. You get multiple options when you rent a jewellery as it does not cost you much and also gives you better options to go for. have extremely intricate designer sets that gives you brilliant and exquisite look you always wanted. have such a beautiful oxidised necklace sets that will make you stand out from the crowd and will surely make heads turn to you.

Its beaded necklace set is so perfectly designed to give you the beautiful look at affordable price.

Why to go for buying when you can simply rent it at affordable pricing. With these and many more choices, offers you the best ever complete jewellery sets for rent. In case you are planning to grab one, feel free to contact us.

Retreat yourself on budget

Whenever we hear the word ‘MASSAGE’, it reminds us of relaxation and rejuvenation. But many people believe that massages are only meant for relaxation and hold no good for internal systems.

This belief has been busted by Elctronic Massagers that hold much more than relaxation of the body. Electronic Massagers like Neck and Shoulder Massager, Leg and Calf Massager, Electronic Finger and Palm Massager, Electronic Neck Massager are some that provide you on rent for an ease and fitness freak life.

Electronic Massagers give complete cure and rejuvenation to the body. gives you the choices of products that is beneficial for your body starting from the head to toe. Neck and Shoulder Massager from affects the skeletal in a positive way, rejuvenating the body again.

Apart from this, the Electronic Finger and Palm Massager improves your blood circulation and eases you in stressful situations. What more do you want?

So grab one from and relax out in your tough times.