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Think before buying. Are you doing justice to your money?

Ever been so conscious about your spendings that you compromise on your likings? If you ask me, there have been several times when I drop the plan just to rebalance my pocket.Not in this blog but almost in all of my blogs I have mentioned that buying is now getting expensive. And do you know why? BecauseĀ our needs are never satisfied. Those demands are endless and so money is never enough. That makes renting a crucial element to balance between likings and compromising.

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Dream Wedding Gown on a Budget


Every bride have sentiment attached to the wedding gown and because of this it ultimately becomes an important part of the wedding. Choosing your wedding gown can be stressful and expensive too. So, you have two options either purchase it or rent it.

In today’s modern world, bride’s aren’t restricted to buying their wedding gown or getting it designed from some expensive designer. Instead, there are some businesses like, that gives you the option of wearing your dream wedding gown at a small price. While renting your evening gown, you don’t have to worry about the storage as well as the cost. Continue Reading

Wedding Dress Rental – Your Dream Dress on a Budget

The prices of commodities with times have increased massively. The shoppers today are often left amazed with the high prices quoted. It is no surprise that women have opted for formal dress rentals rather than breaking the bank on a single dress. In fact, quite a few women have given preference to renting their dresses even for their big day. Does it sound practical? Read on to find out the many advantages of a rented dress! Continue Reading

Wearing a Sabyasachi Bridalwear is not a dream anymore!Check out how!

“Tujhko bana karke,

tujhko bana karke,

le jayege Humpty ki dulhania”

Oops its Badri, but in this blog I am going to talk about Humpty Sharma ki dulhania. How many of you have watched this movie? I’m sure most of us would have, after all it was an entertaining one. So do you guys remember that scene, where Alia Bhatt struggles for her designer lehenga? She even sells her jewellery for it! Though an ordinary tailor could have stitched it the same way as she wanted, but there is something different and charming about designer stuff, right? But, not to forget, those stuff are exorbitantly expensive too!

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