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Think before buying. Are you doing justice to your money?

Ever been so conscious about your spendings that you compromise on your likings? If you ask me, there have been several times when I drop the plan just to rebalance my pocket.Not in this blog but almost in all of my blogs I have mentioned that buying is now getting expensive. And do you know why? Because our needs are never satisfied. Those demands are endless and so money is never enough. That makes renting a crucial element to balance between likings and compromising.

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what moms should know


Daily, millions of people spend millions of money on their day to day necessities. Perhaps, which with time keeps on changing. In a rush always as we humans are, we consider buying everything that feels necessary at that particular moment. We are so instant that we fail to consider the life of the same thing that we happen to buy. And then there’s always a storeroom for such a mistake we do. Back then when renting wasn’t an option, buying was a necessary move. Fortunately, times have now changed.

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Share instant,Share Instax! Share your mini stories with Instax Mini.

You may have heard this line a lot many times- ‘Life in Mumbai is not at all easy.’
And yes it is, because we always keep ‘busy.’
Moms are busy keeping their house and their kids. Kids are busy with their tuition and their activities and Dads of-course, are busy with their never ending office loads.

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helping in need

Do you know the real value of your stuff? Thing again!



Daily when we swipe through our social media profiles, we follow different posts, we are known to different perceptions of people, we see justice passing to few and hardness on the life of others. The reason why we connect to it so instantly is because somewhere we relate to it. Because somewhere we think it’s our story.

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10 weekend getaway products to rent from RentKarde for a perfect ‘FriendCation’

FriendCation represents a vacation with friends which is all that we want to enjoy and get a break from our daily hectic routine life.

A successful weekend getaway involves a lot of discussion and planning. From making a whatsapp group to deciding the place, all involves a lot of discussion of how the vacation or weekend getaway be about.

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Wearing a Sabyasachi Bridalwear is not a dream anymore!Check out how!

“Tujhko bana karke,

tujhko bana karke,

le jayege Humpty ki dulhania”

Oops its Badri, but in this blog I am going to talk about Humpty Sharma ki dulhania. How many of you have watched this movie? I’m sure most of us would have, after all it was an entertaining one. So do you guys remember that scene, where Alia Bhatt struggles for her designer lehenga? She even sells her jewellery for it! Though an ordinary tailor could have stitched it the same way as she wanted, but there is something different and charming about designer stuff, right? But, not to forget, those stuff are exorbitantly expensive too!

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Housewives Could Earn Some Extra-Cash Everyday Working No-Where

Though we used to live in the gyrate of Indian Culture, where woman remains at home and man goes to work but the times are changing these days. And if not times the world have changed. We do see women out at work these days and the empowered they are getting with every new sunrise, not only the one working at offices but housewives too. To give you a proof; Housewives are earning extra-cash by renting out kitchen appliances. Yes, that’s true and you could too!

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5 simple ways to beat the ‘End of the Month’ Money Crisis

Do you feel like you are scraping the barrel by the end of each month when you are just desperately waiting for your salary to be debited into your account? Well, we have a plan to keep you afloat till the time you get your salary debited. Log onto  and start renting out the things that you already own to earn that quick buck that will let you sail though the last few days of the month.

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