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This Friendship Day cut the old trend and create new.

And like every year, we are back to the search of knotted threads, friendship bands! As human beings, everyone are facing their own challenges, their own battle. Life already is knotted to bits, then why celebrate such an auspicious day with a knot again? :p
Someone has rightly said, “Of what we follow and of what we keep on following is what have already been followed before.”
How we celebrate this day, is how it used to be celebrated before. But aren’t you bored of the same old tradition? Of looking for different ribbons and bands, and categorizing different friends based on the colors of the bands. Closed one with a red band and not so closed one with a yellow and so on. Why not cut the old trend and bring in something new?
Instead of spending on different bands, deciding colors, making a lists, and wasting those bands, why not spend on something that is worth?
OKAY, so lets get into some quick ways of how you can celebrate friendship day.

This friendship day call your loved ones home and arrange a house party for them. Make them feel special and spend some kick-ass time with them. Dance with them, sing along and play those games with them. And not to forget, for all your needs rentkarde is anytime at your disposal. Whether it’s about a karoake that you want or a PS4, a monopoly or Catan, rentkarde have them all. We have a vast range of board games, needed to fulfill your “crazy party” demands.
You can also go on a road trip with your friends.
Take a bike on rent and then DHOOM DHOOM!!!
Well, if you look through your microscopic eyes, then even strangers would be deemed to be your friends. Take a step ahead this day, and make strangers your friends by renting your idle item and catering to their needs. Connect to people and experience the joy of sharing.
Check out the site, to create your own way to celebrate friendship day. Spend smart. Be creative.
-Payal Sheth


To all you 9-5 people, here’s to your relief!

SNOOZE! SNOOZE …….. Then finally DISMISSED! This is your story everyday.
“I am getting late for work. Ugh! I need to hurry!”


Exhausted all this while till the clock hits the time your work comes to an end! And finally you are out of your workplace with a smirking smile, yet mentally and physically you are done!
“I need a relief, I need a break!”
Is that what you wish? Then, you need not wish anymore, instead you got to swipe. Swipe through RentKarde. 😉
Yes, whether you are physically tired or mentally stressed up, RentKarde is here to your relief!
Coming to the tiredness first, when your leg, hand and finally the body gives up, your mind says call a masseuse. But why a masseuse when you have got the massager? RentKarde has got the perfect massager for you. Be it a leg massager or neck, they have them all!
Next is mental relief! Now even the weather is asking you to take a break. So what are you waiting for? Explore the world, find new places. Take a break! Oh no but wait, get your arms ready first. Go through our website and get the games and other stuffs you need to make your trip more exciting. Even if you happen to break your speakers or happen to loose your camera, we have got them too. Don’t you worry, prices are as low as affordable. So hurry!
  A catalogue of some of our products which are sure to relieve you from your cumbersome daily routine!

– Blogger

Payal Sheth



Rajmachi and Kondane Cave Trek with Travel Trikon

A mighty fort with a backdrop of silvery waterfalls and lush green landscapes,

The mesmerizing Rajmachi provides for the perfect weekend escape.


Major Attractions

  • Kondane Waterfalls
  • Rustic Stay
  • Ancient Lake & Shiva Temple
  • Sunset from Shreevardhan Fort
  • Early morning Trek to Manoranjan Fort

The dates for the trek would be 22nd July to 23rd July with total of 30 seats on avail via Travel Trikon.

RentKarde serves as an exclusive renting partner for the event with GoPro Cameras, Tents, DSLR Cameras, Drones , Flashlights , Speaker Bags , Jbl Speakers and many more in our exciting range of adventure products available at !

You can register for the trek via the link below !

Rajmachi (Udhewadi) is a small village in the rugged mountains of Sahayadri in India.  The fortification at Rajmachi consists of two forts, namely Shrivardhan Fort and Manoranjan Fort. Rajmachi Fort is a popular trekking destination. It is a very famous fort located near two famous hills of Maharashtra, Lonavala and Khandala.


So lets spread the #JoyOfSharing this monsoon !

Its India v/s Pakistan!!! Mouka Mouka!!!

India VS Pakistan

It’s time for India Vs Pakistan again. So keep your TV remote aside and enjoy the cracker of a contest. But wait, are you gonna stay put at home to in front of your TV sets for the match of the year? We know staying in on your couch has a charm of it’s own, but it’s India VS Pakistan guys and its time to take the decibel level to the next ‘level’.

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