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How sharp your mind is? Take the Catan challenge to know.

Do you know engaging in mind games makes your mind sharp? Like how exercising makes your muscles strong, playing games that involve focus and thinking make your mind strong.

If you have ever played monodeal, monopoly or stock exchange you know how important it is to take the right move to win the game. Every time you play a new game, you have had some tricks and experience of your previous games in mind.Well, Catan is one of them too. Or should I say the King of all games! If you really want to challenge your mind, take the Catan Challenge. Not just the appearance of the game is unique but also the concept.


You CreateYou DominateYou Rule!
Yes, if you focus, you will surely.


Catan trade settler


So the game has cards, dices, and rules :0
3-4 players can play the base edition and 5-6 players can play the expansion edition of the game. By placing roads, houses and castles, you make sure you get to the minimum points quickly before anyone else to win the game. But this is not that easy, the development cards carry commands, if you don’t use it well, you lose your win. Also, the dices are not in your favor, whatever the number comes up can be beneficial to all playing the game.


If the introduction is so tricky, imagine what the game would be like.
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 -Payal Sheth


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