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Think before buying. Are you doing justice to your money?

Ever been so conscious about your spendings that you compromise on your likings? If you ask me, there have been several times when I drop the plan just to rebalance my pocket.Not in this blog but almost in all of my blogs I have mentioned that buying is now getting expensive. And do you know why? BecauseĀ our needs are never satisfied. Those demands are endless and so money is never enough. That makes renting a crucial element to balance between likings and compromising.

What one should be clear of is that when to compromise and when not. When you buy a product you just don’t need to buy it because you like it or because that’s the trendy thing in the market currently, but you also see the usability of the product, basically, the life.
To a cameraman, a camera is the most “need to have” product but to another person who just rarely uses it, is buying a camera worth? Models changes, techniques changes and also does clarity improves, so for “time-being” products, renting is the best opportunity one has. Be smart on your spendings. Know where to splurge and where not.

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“I saw myself as an electronic joyrider.” – Kevin Mitnick

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