Testimonial: How we made travelling to United Kingdom effortless for our client Shubham!

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Travelling is probably the healthiest addiction and the greatest experience we all strive for. After all, we live for great adventures and even better stories to tell. This summer my friends came calling with a UK trip plan for 2 weeks toward which we all were genuinely excited for. However not having traveled for quite a while I was naturally short on some travel essentials I would require while also not really requiring them, post my trip.

It was around this time that I was introduced to RentKarde Services Pvt Ltd and their domain of www.rentkarde.com. It turned out to be a game-changing decision for me during the course of the trip.

We packed up our bags and set off for London on the 28th May excited for the adventure we were about to embark upon as wanderlust explorers. The enchantment of Europe, chilling weather, mesmerizing natural beauty, the excellence of the architecture and the thrill of adventure parks all awaited us in good stead.

The world indeed is a book and if we have not traveled we have only discovered a page. During the course of the next 2 weeks, this would have proved to be right. We backpacked ourselves onto the 6-hour flight awaiting us.

I had already rented some handy novels from RentKarde to keep me well occupied during this time. Additionally, the prospect of me already having rented a PS4 from the website had us excited for the FIFA nights we would consequently have at our hotel.

The DSLR Camera and the Hero GoPro 5 we rented from www.rentkarde.com proved to be immensely beneficial on this trip as illustrated by the great quality pictures below.

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Houses of Parliament and Environs ca. 2000 London, England, UK
Houses of Parliament and Environs ca. 2000 London, England, UK

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Additionally, the scenic beauty was one not to be missed out on perfectly captured by the DSLR we had rented from the website.

We were provided with the delivery on order in considerably quick time with great quality in the products we used as well as suiting the requirement we exactly needed in time.

The concept of renting greatly enhanced our trip experience and one I would recommend other travelers to embrace too as the sharing economy has great benefits for us explorers to behold.

We returned back from the United Kingdom with unforgettable memories captured, amazing places visited and sleepless nights of joy all in part thanks to the various products we rented from RentKarde all of which we just needed to serve our temporary requirements for a period of 2 weeks.

I would like to thank RentKarde for the great quality in the service given to me on this occasion and hope to constantly rent items from their website domain for further trips I will embark upon or for daily essential requirements.

-Shubham Damani

Testimonial for great service from www.rentkarde.com! Encourage you guys to give it a try and spread further the #JoyOfSharing!

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