Video Games On Rent In Mumbai

Every Generation’s constant- Video Games.

Since time immemorial, a lot of inventions and concepts have come into existence. We are now being well versed to things that were once perceived, to never exist. With each generation’s contribution to the process of thoughts, with each different mindsets and perceptions blending in, we are now experiencing a world full of change. Full of wonders!

Each new invention that comes up is a subject of wonder.

Play Station 3 And Play Station 4 On rent in mumbai
Play Station 3 And Play Station 4 On rent in mumbai

“Technology is replacing technology,

And facts are challenging beliefs.”


This is the reason why we don’t hold up on an interest for long. Because what we experience, motivates us to keep on bettering the things around us.

But to all theory, there’s always an exception. And here it is to this one too. Video games! It never gets old. It never gets boring. No doubt, video games keep on modifying, and technology, as usual, surprises everyone with new models, but even the oldest version of the same makes one go crazy.

Heard about a lot of mood swings that people have? Yet no mood swing can ever swing one’s mood to not play video games.

Besides here are some interesting facts about our favorite video games:

  • Playing video games may stress your eye a bit but that stressing actually helps your eye exercising.
  • It sharpens your reflexes. As you focus on a target in your game, your mind is all set for the game. That improves concentration.
  • Getting off a bad thought is tough but video games make you enter a different cartoony world. This relieves your mind and ensures low breakdown.

Well, of course stressing your eye all time on the game may be detrimental to you but anything in excess is the same.

Also, the best part of having a video game? Is that you don’t need someone to accompany you; your partner can be the computer itself. So plus one – it is competitive as well. After all, you are winning against the master of brains.

Since we wish to have it all, and we wish to experience it all, buying in this generation, is not what your brain tells you. “Buying only involves spending but renting involves saving too.”

You can go get yourself a new ps3 but what about the newest version ps4?

Play Station 3 And Play Station 4 On rent in mumbai

“When we have it, you have it too.”

Best part? – Prices are negotiable.

Do you remember the new saying yet? “Smart people rent.”

Go switch to smartness, switch to renting.


-Payal Sheth.

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