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Do you know the real value of your stuff? Thing again!



Daily when we swipe through our social media profiles, we follow different posts, we are known to different perceptions of people, we see justice passing to few and hardness on the life of others. The reason why we connect to it so instantly is because somewhere we relate to it. Because somewhere we think it’s our story.

connecting thoughts

When you see a post going viral it isn’t because it is being posted by someone who is socially famous but because many of us could relate to the post so posted. Here is one such picture that I came up with when I was swiping through instagram. It had a good number of likes and comments on it and on a personal level, it is also so much relatable.

what you talk about is your story
what you talk about is your story



the value of something


It’s true.

Be it about a thing or humans, this is the truth. When you don’t have what you want, you start having an urge to have it, hence it becomes of the greatest value at that time. When finally you are able to achieve it, your urge gets settle. You don’t then look at that thing as before you used to. Because when you have it, you are at peace, you are calm, but when it goes, the peace follows. Hence, you again develop the urge to get that peace back. That’s when you realise what you have lost, was what important to you.




We cannot get you back the people you lost in your life but if it conveys the message you should get them back yourself. And as far as your precious things are concerned we promise a way that will never let you loose it, in fact a way that will bring worth to your things.

Well, let’s go according to the picture.


The picture says:

  • When you don’t have it – the value is great
  • When you have it – the value decreases
  • When you lose it- the value increases again

Why not maintain the value?

Why bring and lose?

Why BUY and SELL?

Yes, that’s where the idea lies.


  “When you owe nothing, you will loose nothing.”




Rentkarde brings to you your needs at the lowest price possible which avoids the need of buying. Also, it provides a platform for your idle stuff, so that you can rent them out and add to your savings a little. It’s a platform that makes your things move. You must be familiar with the term ‘Make your money move’, but Rentkarde believes in ‘Making your idle stuff move.’ It caters it to someone who is in need of it at that very time. It brings integration.

Also, imagine you rent out a thing that was just idle at your place for years and then suddenly someone asks for it and you rent it out. How great does that feel to make use of something that was just an idle thing before? How great it feels to rent something out to someone who needed it the most?

You will experience the joy of sharing once you begin with sharing.

“Helping someone is a good feeling, but nothing can match the feeling that one gets when he is the Helper himself.”

So by renting you not only delight your pocket but you are also offering a help to someone who is so in need. Who knows, that move can make their dream come true.

helping in need

Because you have it you might not know its worth but those who doesn’t have it knows very well what it means.





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