5 Reasons why you should take kids costume on rent from RentKarde

Back then when I had joined Rentkarde, I had no idea of how it would work, of how it would stand out. But with time passing they have got many changes, many outstanding stuffs on the site. No doubt, Rentkarde is just not a fad, it’s existence is going to go long way.


The one who follows Rentkarde knows about the cameras on rent, the massagers on rent, and the other electronics that they have got on rent, also the different partying stuffs that they have on the site, but now they have even availed the kids costumes on the site, which according to me is what will be of great use to all the Mothers.



When kids have these fancy dress events in the schools coming up, only mothers know how hectic it is to arrange for everything for that event. From finding different shops to checking on availability, from colors to size, for even the smallest things, they had to walk miles(not exactly though :p), but we all know due to festivals and other events the availability of the costumes we want is also rear.


And here again, Rentkarde is at your disposal.


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Costumes On Rent
    Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Costumes On Rent


Here are the quick 5 reasons why one should choose Rentkarde.



1) Rentkarde is online based, hence there is no need for you to actually visit the store. This makes renting easy as this avoids multiple store visits.


2) When it comes to price only one thing comes up in my mind, bargaining. But now you don’t need to bargain much, the prices are already as low as minimum, also it allows you to contact the renter, hence you get your required stuff at required price.


3) Also, it ensures quickest delivery at your doorstep.


4) Done about the pricing, but what about the quality? Well, you need not worry about that either. RentKarde is ever working at the quality, thus providing the best one can.


5) Rentkarde not only caters to your needs but also provides a platform for you to share your idle stuffs, for you to enhance your contacts. It forges personal connection.




Payal Sheth


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