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Dress up this season with cheap fancy dress on rental

Trying to find that fly high pilot costume on rent for your child or looking for a Mother Teresa costume, has everything to provide you with. It has a huge list of rental fancy dress costumes to browse from.

Dressing your child up as a pilot or as Mother Teresa is so damn easy now. provide you with the quality product at lowest possible price. It also has something that suits your child’s need of any fancy dress party or theme. have speedy service, that means even if you leave things to the last minute, your pilot costume or Mother Teresa costume and accessories can still be with you in time for your event. Your child will stand out perfect in any event with’s rental costumes.

Why to purchase when you can simply rent it and that too at affordable price. The service is available all year round to capture your imagination. So, give your child the chance to be a part of his dream fancy dress competition and meanwhile you can explore the site

The best ever online store: Rentkarde The House of Jewellery

The dress and the jewellery are the two most important things that catch everyone’s eye. Whatever jewellery you wear, it become the talk of the night for the majority of the ladies in the party. Thus, every woman give special attention while selecting their jewellery.

At you will find every design is different from the other and that is what gives you the choice for the night. Whether it is a party or a wedding, have everything for you. From beaded necklace set to oxidised necklace set, gives you the immense choice to select from.

You have so many options of choker necklace set and oxidised pendant set that you can combine it with anything for a beautiful look. You get multiple options when you rent a jewellery as it does not cost you much and also gives you better options to go for. have extremely intricate designer sets that gives you brilliant and exquisite look you always wanted. have such a beautiful oxidised necklace sets that will make you stand out from the crowd and will surely make heads turn to you.

Its beaded necklace set is so perfectly designed to give you the beautiful look at affordable price.

Why to go for buying when you can simply rent it at affordable pricing. With these and many more choices, offers you the best ever complete jewellery sets for rent. In case you are planning to grab one, feel free to contact us.

Retreat yourself on budget

Whenever we hear the word ‘MASSAGE’, it reminds us of relaxation and rejuvenation. But many people believe that massages are only meant for relaxation and hold no good for internal systems.

This belief has been busted by Elctronic Massagers that hold much more than relaxation of the body. Electronic Massagers like Neck and Shoulder Massager, Leg and Calf Massager, Electronic Finger and Palm Massager, Electronic Neck Massager are some that provide you on rent for an ease and fitness freak life.

Electronic Massagers give complete cure and rejuvenation to the body. gives you the choices of products that is beneficial for your body starting from the head to toe. Neck and Shoulder Massager from affects the skeletal in a positive way, rejuvenating the body again.

Apart from this, the Electronic Finger and Palm Massager improves your blood circulation and eases you in stressful situations. What more do you want?

So grab one from and relax out in your tough times.

MacBook that deserve your trial


Looking for a p2p sharing portal on rent? Look no further because is here to help people save money and time. In other words, it helps to provide you immediate access to the best of products and services at affordable price.

Whether you are looking for Apple MacBook C2D Processor, Apple IMac 21.5″ Core2Duo Processor, Apple IMac 21.5″ Core I3 Processor or Apple IMac 21.5″ Core I5 Processor, have it all for you. It provides you flexible and reliable service that bring a smile on your lips. Continue Reading

Dream Wedding Gown on a Budget


Every bride have sentiment attached to the wedding gown and because of this it ultimately becomes an important part of the wedding. Choosing your wedding gown can be stressful and expensive too. So, you have two options either purchase it or rent it.

In today’s modern world, bride’s aren’t restricted to buying their wedding gown or getting it designed from some expensive designer. Instead, there are some businesses like, that gives you the option of wearing your dream wedding gown at a small price. While renting your evening gown, you don’t have to worry about the storage as well as the cost. Continue Reading

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Projector

Earlier businesses used to purchase projectors when it came to large meetings and conferences. But then again is it practical for smaller businesses to follow suit as well? The answer completely depends on your requirements and more so on your budget. If your business does not usually hold meetings that need a projector or if it doesn’t fit your budget a projector on rent is your best bet. Read on to know to understand how do you lease one. Continue Reading

Equipment Rentals: Benefits and Low-Risk Solutions

You must have heard of leasing homes and cars, but did you know you can rent equipment too? These could be anything and everything under the sun ranging from a printing press to a karaoke machine. All you would need is an agreement signed detailing out the terms and conditions like any other home or car contract and you are good to go. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Read on to be amazed! Continue Reading

Wedding Dress Rental – Your Dream Dress on a Budget

The prices of commodities with times have increased massively. The shoppers today are often left amazed with the high prices quoted. It is no surprise that women have opted for formal dress rentals rather than breaking the bank on a single dress. In fact, quite a few women have given preference to renting their dresses even for their big day. Does it sound practical? Read on to find out the many advantages of a rented dress! Continue Reading

10 Reasons to Experience the Joy of Sharing

The Joy Of Sharing

Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others ! The joy shared is the joy doubled, coupled by the more we share ; the more we have. Sharing is probably the best mechanism there is toward multiplying happiness in the human race , which is a concept Rentkarde has committed itself to . We believe in increasing the outreach of products by transferring them on rent toward people requiring its immediate need without having to necessarily purchase it . The broad outline of the sheer jubilation by sharing cannot be enumerated by words, emotions or feelings rather an indispensable feeling of unbridled kindness. Continue Reading