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Wearing a Sabyasachi Bridalwear is not a dream anymore!Check out how!

“Tujhko bana karke,

tujhko bana karke,

le jayege Humpty ki dulhania”

Oops its Badri, but in this blog I am going to talk about Humpty Sharma ki dulhania. How many of you have watched this movie? I’m sure most of us would have, after all it was an entertaining one. So do you guys remember that scene, where Alia Bhatt struggles for her designer lehenga? She even sells her jewellery for it! Though an ordinary tailor could have stitched it the same way as she wanted, but there is something different and charming about designer stuff, right? But, not to forget, those stuff are exorbitantly expensive too!

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Housewives Could Earn Some Extra-Cash Everyday Working No-Where

Though we used to live in the gyrate of Indian Culture, where woman remains at home and man goes to work but the times are changing these days. And if not times the world have changed. We do see women out at work these days and the empowered they are getting with every new sunrise, not only the one working at offices but housewives too. To give you a proof; Housewives are earning extra-cash by renting out kitchen appliances. Yes, that’s true and you could too!

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Here’s to an interesting April Fool’s Day

And it’s an ‘All fool’s day.’ Before I convey my thought and get back to the blog, here’s a message for you guys.


“As youngsters, we give a lot into crazy things, we are a very active and living spirit! But sometimes, the excitement that we carry might have an opposite and unwanted result! Yea, I am talking about the pranks that we plan on this day. There’s no harm in planning but a lot in hurting someone. So plan safe :p”

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