How You Can Make Money through Renting!

How often do we scream over so much samaan lying around in the house which is neither usable nor throw-able? It’s in too good a condition to throw away but there’s no immediate use of it either – and yet it takes too much space in the house to ignore? Well, seems to have found a perfect solution to this daily dilemma that virtually all of us face. Needless to say that this model also directly benefits people who want something temporarily but don’t wanna spend a bomb buying it!

RentKarde is a platform which brings under its umbrella several ‘renters’ who can advertise the things they want to give on rent and ‘rentees’ who can choose from a host of exciting products which they need temporarily. The products range from high-end DSLRs to PlayStations to massagers – you name it!

So here’s how the whole thing works:

For Renters:

Step 1: You identify the items which are lying idle and you’re willing to rent out

Step 2: You upload the details and pictures on and put a price to it (including a deposit)

Step 3: The interested user contacts you through the site, gives the deposit and takes your product on rent for a specified time. You earn for your idle products without doing anything else!

Sit back, relax and earn some extra income sitting on your couch!!

For Rentees:

Step 1: Log on to and check out the amazing products on offer

Step 2: Identify the product you need on rent

Step 3: Order it by paying the deposit and rent amount and voila! It’s yours! Wait for delivery and enjoy the product!!

Renting does seem to be the future now – a much more logical and practical thing to do as compared to just buying anything and everything – when you know you will only be needing it temporarily. Renting gives much more flexibility in terms of the things you need and the time frame for which you need them, thereby even putting much less pressure on your cash flows. Plus you don’t need to think so much when you wish for something – just rent it, enjoy it all you like and return it before moving on to the next item on your wishlist!!

So welcome to the world of renting and enjoy many beautiful products within the convenience of your homes!

Nidhi Patwa Parekh ( loves writing about food & can follow her  @thefoodiesmap )


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